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online selling

12 Online Selling Mistakes Quiz

People who sell products face to face  and online selling can lose sales by making all too common stupid mistakes that can be costing you dearly. Consequences of Online Selling Mistakes What are the consequences of just one online mistake? If you sell a $47 product and you fix one mistake that creates one more […]

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online interviews

How to Monetize Online Interviews

One online business model is to do online interviews (podcasting) with experts in a niche you’re passionate about and post them on your website. Your site then becomes your own interview show, and subscribers are easily gathered because you’re offering amazing content for free. The challenge? Monetizing the website itself. Here are some tips from […]

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Why Introverts Make the Best Marketers

First of all, let me clarify that introverts aren’t necessarily shy. They are, however, quieter than extroverts. Introverts talk plenty when they have something important to say, but they tend to stay quiet when the topic is small talk. Why? Because small talk isn’t important to them.  Why Introverts? Now then, let’s say you have […]

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slideshare marketing

Slideshare Marketing Tips

Today we are going to talk about how you can use Slideshare marketing to drive traffic to your website. Slideshare gets about 78 million visitors a month and has an Alexa Rank of 123. It’s possible for even the little marketer to get featured if your presentation is good enough. Plus the competition for eyeballs […]

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video marketing script

How to Create a Killer Video Marketing Script Part 2

Today we  are covering Steps 5-9 in our series “How to Create a Killer Video Marketing Script.” Video Marketing Script | Part 1 Review In the first installment we discussed the reasons why you should use a video marketing script because you are always selling something in your videos even if you are giving high […]

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video marketing script

How to Create a Killer Video Marketing Script Part 1

Today we begin our series on how to create a killer video marketing script.  We will cover steps the first four steps today and steps 5-9 tomorrow. I’ve had many coaching clients ask me “should I use a video marketing script” when doing my videos or not.  I highly recommend that you do use a […]

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social media strategies

12 Ninja Social Media Strategies

I want to share with you 12 ninja social media strategies that will make people not only want to follow you, but will want to buy whatever you offer. Why Use Social Media Strategies? By now you know that social media is great for building your lists and promoting your products. A recent study discovered […]

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build your brand

Build Your Brand That Makes Money

Today we are going to talk about how to build your brand that makes money.  There’s a lot of information out there on how to brand products and product lines. Most of it pertains to million dollar companies, not work at home people who aspire to perhaps one day earn a million dollar salary, and […]

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The Guru Code

I want to share with you a story about my mentor, Diane Hochman who was given the guru code, a set of ten rules introduced to her by her mentors starting in 1999. Guru Code Origins In 1999 Diane was a broke and broken housewife.  The bills were piling up, her health was turning bad, […]

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increase your conversions

Increase Your Conversions Part 2

Today we continue our series on how to increase your conversions for sales and will cover the final 8 factors you need to split test. Increase Your Conversions | Review We talked about yesterday why it’s important to increase your conversions.  It makes you work smarter, not harder.  The first piece of copy you create is your […]

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