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blog for profit

The 90 Minute Per Day Blog for Profit Blueprint Part 1

Welcome to our series, the 90 Minute Per Day Blog for Profit Blueprint. If you’ve ever wanted to make money with a blog, you’re in the right spot.  And here’s the good news: You do NOT need to be chained to your blog in order to make it profitable!  That’s right, all you need is just […]

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blog comments

How to Turn Blog Comments Into Cash

Did you ever  think of your blog comments as cash? It’s true! When you think about how to monetize your blog, most of your attention is generally focused on two things:  Your blog posts, where you build relationships with readers and perhaps promote offers from time to time.  The space surrounding these posts (such as […]

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How to Turn Fridays Into Paydays

You know what the best part of a regular job is?  Predictable paydays.  Example: If you were paid weekly, then you felt rich every Friday when you cashed that paycheck.  Good news is, you can still feel rich on Fridays!  How?  By using your blog and a free offer to turn Fridays into paydays.  Turn […]

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How to Create a Storytelling Selling Blog Post

Do you realize you possess one of the most powerful sales tools at your disposal – it’s so powerful and subtle and it magnetically draws people to you like a bee to a flower…and that is STORYTELLING. Plenty of people think that the only way to advertise is by using hyped-up language – the kind of […]

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peep laja

How Peep Laja Got 50,000 Visitors to His Blog in 30 Days

Peep Laja pulled off an incredible feat in his first 30 days as a blogger. He was able to get 50,000 visitors to his blog in his first 30 days WITHOUT lists JV partners name recognition advertising How did he do it? Who is Peep Laja? Peep Laja was a brand new blogger who knew […]

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website graphics

Cool Website Graphics Tools Without Breaking The Bank

People do judge your website and products by the website graphics they see. Your options are to either hire someone each time you need a new graphic, or create it yourself. But what if you want to remain in complete control of your graphics by creating your own, but you don’t have a small fortune […]

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video creation

8 Video Creation Tips Without A Camera or Software

If you are struggling right now with creating videos for your home based business, here are eight video creation tips that will be of great benefit to you.   Don’t Be Shy to Do Video Creation Your audience will respond, but you need to take the first step and put your face on camera. Give […]

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picture images

10 Keys To Getting Your Posts Read Using Picture Images

Sure people come for the content, but first you’ve got to seduce them with picture images. After all, picture images are the first thing people notice about your page or post. The Power of  Picture Images The right image can grab attention and create intrigue, mystery, curiosity and a host of other emotions that wrap […]

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marketing videos

What Type of Marketing Videos Get the Most Views?

If you’re doing video marketing, there’s a question you need to answer – what type of marketing videos are best to achieve your goals? Alternatives to Slide-Show Marketing Videos No,  slide-show videos are NOT a one-type fits all, despite what many marketers will tell you.  In fact, plenty of people are tired of the standard slide-show videos. […]

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Grant Cardone

Radical Ideas From The 10x Rule By Grant Cardone

Few books have fired me up like the The 10x Rule by Grant Cardone.  Before I share with you my taekaways from his book, I want to take a moment to talk with you about how Grant Cardone is. Who Is Grant Cardone Grant Cardone is an enterpreneur, best selling author, speaker, and coach.  He […]

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