The Top Secret Trick to Attract People on Social Media

top secret

The Doctor is In Episode 88 – Top Secret Trick On today’s episode of the Doctor is In I am going to share with you a top secret trick that will attract the right people to your business easily and effortlessly using social media.  This top secret trick is what the top marketers are using to create compelling…

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How Brendon Burchard Broke My Procrastination Cycle

Brendon Burchard

Sometime ago I listened to a video on YouTube by Brendon Burchard, and he said something to me that just gave me pause. As a matter of fact, it helped me break my cycle on procrastination. Before Brendon Burchard Before I tell you what Brendon Burchard said, I want to share with you that I…

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4 Step Storytelling Formula to Sell More Stuff on Social Media


Storytelling is the best way to engage people online.   People go on social media for one purpose and one purpose only – to engage in connect with others.  They don’t want to be pitched. Why Storytelling in Social Media Storytelling is so important in social media because it builds trust.  People buy from those…

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